We couldn’t find any cleaners or sealers good enough for Paverart…
So we made our own


PaverArt Product_SF_1 Grease & Oil Stain Remover

Combines the cleaning power of a liquid degreaser and a dry absorbent that dissolves, captures and lifts oil stains. This product removes deep-seated oil stains that liquid degreasers leave behind.

PaverArt Product_SF_7 Organic Stain Remover

This is a safe, granular cleaner that removes stains caused by mold & mildew, tannin and other similar stain causing materials. Use on concrete, precast, block, brick, natural stone and other similar surfaces.

PaverArt Product_SF_6 Efflorescence Remover

A muriatic free and water based formula that quickly and effectively removes efflorescence and discolorations from pavers, brick, stone, concrete, and exposed aggregate. This product also removes poly haze left over from polysand applications.



PaverArt Product_SF_5 Invisible Sealer

This product is a solvent free formula which forms a breathable, clear, water repellent sealer. It is a deep penetrating product that does not change the appearance of the substrate. Maintains the natural color, prevents efflorescence and dirt pick up. Zero V.O.C. formula. U.V. stable.

PaverArt Product_SF_3 Topical Enhancer SB

Gloss finish. This product is V.O.C. compliant solvent based acrylic sealer that enhances the natural color of paver and masonry surfaces. It is a highly durable sealer that is resistant to U.V. light, chemicals, and acid rain. Provides a wet-look appearance.

PaverArt Product_SF_4 Color Enhancing Sealer

True wet look with a matte finish. Contains a combination of solvent free polymers that enhance the natural color of pavers and masonry surfaces. It is a deep penetrating, non-film forming product that also provides repellency against oil and water based stain causing materials. Water based formula and U.V. stable.

PaverArt Product_SF_2 Acrylic Protective Sealer

Semi-gloss formula. This is a superior water based product that is formulated with a nano-particle sized acrylic polymer that out-performs other standard acrylic sealers. Use on pavers, brick, masonry and all other similar surfaces. This product provides exceptional resistance to acid rain, ultra violet light, weathering, efflorescence, blushing, grease and oil.

Billions of square feet of installed hardscaping across the country is in desperate need of the Paverart product line. Bring back the beauty that these projects deserve. Clean, enhance and protect with the best products in the industry. Remember to incorporate our Paverart designs, Glow in the dark accents and borders to create a true transformation to allow for the true Paverart experience.

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