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EXCITE your donors with the option to have their
inscriptions illuminate into the early morning hours



Succeed with your Engraved Brick Fundraiser

Engraved Brick Fundraisers Are Successful

 Across the country, groups are earning huge profits with engraved paver fundraisers. Any type of organization, large or small can succeed with engraved brick fundraising. Community members, friends, family and more will be eager to buy pavers in support of your worthy cause!  When you choose Paverart as your engraved brick fundraising partner, you’ll quickly find out that our paver programs help you raise a lot more money for your organization than most other engraved brick companies do!
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We Know You. We’ll Help You Every Step of the Way!

Understanding “a day in the life” of your typical client is a powerful way to understand your customer. Our satisfied clients include: schools, fire departments, athletic groups, religious groups, community organizations, charities, etc. Call us and we will help you get your program started. It is easy for us to make your engraved fundraising project unique & highly profitable.

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4×8 $20 $12
6×9 $22 $14
8×8 $24 $14
12×12 $30 $18